Suillia convergens

Heleomyzid Fly

Family: Heleomyzidae

Subfamily: Suilliinae

Length: from front of eyes to apex of abdomen, 6.2 mm; to apex of wings 8.0 mm.


Suillia loewi is a synonym of Suillia convergens. Steyskal (1944) gave these among the key characters of Suillia loewi: "Wings entirely hyaline; arista pubescent; male: fore and hind femora greatly thickened; a short, stout, downwardly directed thorn at anterior distal end of fore metatarsi; fore femora and coxae with very long hairs below."

Gill, writing in Stone (1965), gave the range of Suillia convergens as Alaska to Newfoundland, and south to California and North Carolina.

The fly shown here was photographed in Upshur County, at oozing maple sap on 5 November 2006.

Another species in this genus illustrated on the Insects of West Virginia website is Suilla quinquepunctata.

Suilla convergens lateral view, Heleomyzid Fly

Heleomyzid Fly with sap bubble, Suilla convergens