From the tarmac of the Yeager Airport in Charleston to the windswept mountaintops of Dolly Sods, West Virginia is home to many thousand species of insects. This site is designed to help the naturalist learn more about West Virginias six-legged inhabitants.

Each page in the site has the groups in taxonomic order, except in the case of genus and species, for which alphabetic order is used. By clicking on the thumbnails, beginning on this page, visitors may navigate to the species pages, which typically include information about size, range, dates, and life history.

At the moment we cover six groups of insects: Odonata, Auchenorrhyncha, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Diptera, and Coleoptera.

PLEASE NOTE: This site has now been largely superceded by the American Insects web site, which has a much broader geographic coverage and includes many more species. We will be leaving the Insects of West Virginia site on-line for a while, to avoid creating problems with dead links from other sites that have linked to us, and because some users may prefer the West Virginia-only focus.


Alderflies, Fishflies, and Allies

Lacewings and Allies




Site history and latest updates (most recent changes first):

01/01/2011: Site superceded by the American Insects web site

09/15/2010: Anticipated date posting the Heteroptera pages

08/16/2010: We embark on a photographic expedition seeking insects in Logan, Wayne, and Lincoln Counties

06/20/2010: Added seven new families in Diptera, including Tipulidae, Limoniidae, and Syrphidae

04/12/2009: First of the families in Diptera posted, also Neuroptera

02/24/2009: Coleoptera, Odonata, Auchenorrhyncha are posted

08/01/2008: Insects of West Virginia is first posted

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