Suillia quinquepunctata

Heleomyzid Fly

Family: Heleomyzidae

Subfamily: Suilliinae

Length: from front of eyes to apex of abdomen, 7.4 mm; to apex of wings 8.7 mm.


These photographs were taken on an oozing Sugar Maple trunk in Upshur County, on 10 November 2006, and on 13 March 2007.

Steyskal (1944) gave the key traits of Suillia quinquepunctata: "Scutellum haired on entire dorsal surface; heaviest [wing] spot at end of second longitudinal vein; male with erect longish hairs on ventral and posterior sides of middle tibiae and posterior side of middle metatarsi."

Gill, writing in Stone (1965), gives the range of Suillia quinquepunctata as: "Minnesota to Ontario and Connecticut, south to Texas and Florida."

Suilla quiquepunctata face, Heleomyzid FlySuilla quiquepunctata lateral view, Heleomyzid Fly