Chrysopilus quadratus

Snipe Fly

Chrysopilus quadratus dorsal, Snipe Fly Chrysopilus quadratus, Snipe Fly dorsal
Lateral, Chrysopilus quadratus image Snipe Fly, Chrsysopilus quadratus, lateral view

Above: Chrysopilus quadratus, Snipe Flies from Upshur County. Female in left two photos, male in the right two.

Family: Rhagionidae • Subfamily: Rhagioninae • Males 6.0 to 6.5 mm • Females 7.0 to 8.0 mm.

Chrysopilus quadratus range map

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The species epithet, quadratus, refers to the large, somewhat rectangular dark spot on each wing, the key trait for identifying this species (Hardy, 1949).

Males’ bodies and wings are both considerably darker than those of the females. In both sexes the legs are yellowish (Leonard, 1930).

Our West Virginia photographs of adult Chrysopilus quadratus have been made from late May through late July; published records suggest adult activity continuing in this region through August and September. The only published record of Chrysopilus quadratus from West Virginia was of a specimen collected at Fairmont on 22 June 1908.

Other species of Chrysopilus shown on this site are Chrysopilus ornatus and Chrysopilus thoracicus.

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