Ossiannilssonola sp.

Typhlocybine Leafhopper

Ossiannilssonola sp., Leafhopper in Subfamily Typhlocybinae image

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Typhlocybinae

Length: typically 3.6-3.8 mm


A leafhopper like the one shown at right could be mistaken for a teneral one in the genus Typhlocyba that hasn't yet colored up. But in the genus Ossiannilssonola there are fewer dark spots near the wing tip than in Typhlocyba.

In the genus Ossiannilssonola each forewing is smoothly rounded at the apex.

The head (eyes included) is narrower than the pronotum, while the pronotum is considerably longer than the head.

Most members of the genus are pale in color, some with blackish or red markings toward the rear.

The unusual genus name is in honor of Professor Frej Ossiannilsson, a Swedish entomologist and author of many studies of the Cicadellidae.

A colorful species of the genus, found in West Virginia, is Ossiannilssonola tunicarubra.

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