Bruchomorpha oculata

Piglet Bug

Bruchomorpha oculata, Piglet Bug

Family: Caliscelidae

Length: typically 3.0-4.5 mm


Bruchomorpha oculata is found from Quebec and Minnesota to Kansas and Mississippi. In West Virginia, adults of this species are encountered most often in August, September, and October.

This species is found in a brachypterous (short-winged) form and a macropterous (long-winged) form. Photos of both are included here.

Wilson and McPherson (1981) were successful in rearing this species in the laboratory on fescue grass. Eggs were laid one at a time, on grass blades. The eggs were 1 mm long, oval and elongate, white when laid but turning red-orange in the week before hatching. Eggs hatched about 19 days after being laid.

Bruchomorpha oculata, Piglet Bug

Instars one through five lasted 11.1, 8.8, 7.9, 8.8, and 12.5 days respectively, on average. Overall development from egg to adult averaged 67.9 days.

Wilson and McPherson found two parasitoids emerging from Bruchomorpha oculata adults. One was the larva of a wasp in the family Dryinidae, while the other was the larva of a Big-headed Fly, Cephalosphaera biscaynei. Both pupated after emerging from their host.

Caliscelidae was formerly considered a subfamily in Issidae.

Elsewhere on this site are drawings of the five larval instars of Bruchomorpha oculata.

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