Metcalfa pruinosa

Flatid Planthopper egg and nymphs

Metcalfa pruinosa nymphs

This artwork is ©1981 by Professor Stephen W. Wilson is used with permission. Original publication was in: Wilson, S.W. and McPherson, J.E. 1981. Life Histories of Anormenis septenrionalis, Metcalfa pruinosa, and Ormenoides venusta, with Descriptions of Immature Stages. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 74: 299-311.

A. Egg.

B. 1st instar.

C. 2nd instar.

D. 3rd instar.

E. 4th instar.

F. 5th instar.

Vertical bar = 1.0 mm.

Insects of West Virginia