Scoliocentra sp.

Heleomyzid Fly

Scoliocentra sp., Heleomyzid female

Family: Heleomyzidae

Subfamily: Heleomyzinae

Length: from front of eyes to apex of wings, 8.5 mm


Curran (1934) noted that one key characteristic of genus Scoliocentra is that the prosternum has one pair of bristles.

We have photographed this Scoliocentra species in the afternoon, and at night at lights, from late September through mid-October.

Scoliocentra sp., Heleomyzid Fly   Scoliocentra sp., Fly with Pseudoscorpion

Left photo: the face of this Scoliocentra species.

Right photo: A tiny Pseudoscorpion hitches a ride on the leg of Scoliocentra fly.

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