Osmoderma scabra

Scarab Beetle

Osmoderma scabra, Scarab Beetle photo







Family: Scarabaeidae

Subfamily: Cetoniinae

Length: 18-25 mm


This unusual Scarab species has a wrinkled appearance to the elytra, and has irregular punctation. It is one of only two Nearctic species in the genus Osmoderma. The other, Osmoderma eremicola, is also found in West Virginia, .

On male Osmoderma scabra the head is scooped out between the eyes, while in females this same area of the head is essentially flat.

Dillon and Dillon (1972) reported that adult Osmoderma scabra are found in orchards and in open woods. Harpootlian (2001) added that adults are active at night, either showing up at lights, or feeding on sap in a protective cavity of a tree.


Insects of West Virginia