Nigronia serricornis

Dark Fishfly

Nigronia serricornis, Dark Fishfly

Family: Corydalidae


The genus Nigronia has two Nearctic species, Nigronia serricornis and Nigronia fasciatus. Nigronia fasciatus has more extensive white markings, forming a wide band near the center of the wings. Another difference between the two species is that in Nigronia fasciatus the males have essentially pectinate antennae, with the females having serrate antennae; in Nigronia serricornis both sexes have the antennae serrate.

Adult Nigronia are diurnal, seen flying near streams during their short flight period. They are also attracted to lights.

Another common fishfly in West Virginia is Chauliodes pectinicornis.

Negronia serricornis range map, West Virginia

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