Megalomus carpenteri

Brown Lacewing

Megalomus carpenteri, Brown Lacewing image



Family: Hemerobiidae

Subfamily: Megalominae

Length: typically 7-9 mm


Insects in the Brown Lacewing family are similar to Green Lacewings, except that the wings have tiny hairs and are brown. Arnett (2000) also notes that each wing "has two or more radial sectors." Brown Lacewings typically are smaller than Green Lacewings.

Both the adults and the larvae are predators.

Wing characteristics are the traits most commonly used to separate the six genera of Brown Lacewings.

Both the adults and the larvae feed on mealybugs, mites, and aphids. Brown Lacewings are more common in western North America, but are not uncommon in the east. They seem most common in forested areas.

Megalomus carpenteri is one of seven species in the genus, and Megalomus is the only genus in the subfamily Megalominae.

Note: this is both the family page for Hemerobiidae and the species page for Megalomus carpenteri.

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