Tylozygus bifidus

Tylozygus bifidus, Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Cicadellinae

Length: typically 4.6-5.6 mm


Tylozygus bifidus is a wide-ranging species, found from Quebec and Ontario south to Florida and west to Kansas and Texas.

In West Virginia it is primarily a summer species, but adults are active through October if temperatures are warm.

No other species is likely to be mistaken for Tylozygus bifidus.


Cicadellinae photo, Tylozygus bifidus


Right: The head, pronotum, and scutellum have several prominent transverse bands, in white, yellow, and black. The forewings have the veins marked in black.

This website also features images of Tylozygus nymphs.

Tylozygus bifidus range map, West Virginia

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