Tibicen linnei

Linne's Cicada

Tibicen linnei, Linne's Cicada


Family: Cicadidae

Subfamily: Cicadinae

Length: about 55 mm


Tibicen cicadas are marked on the head with black, brown, and green. They hold their hyaline wings roof-like over their backs, and the wings are much longer than the abdomen. Also, the front wings are much longer than the hind wings, about twice as long in fact.

Tibicen linnei is common across much of eastern North America, from northern states like Minnesota to southern states like Florida.

In West Virginia, another Tibicen species that appears regularly is Tibicen lyricen.


Tibicen linnei, Linne's Cicada, Lateral photo


Right: A key trait of Tibicen linnei is the sharp turn that the costa of the front wing makes. (The costa is the thickened front edge of the wing, which in Tibicen linnei is broad and green, especially on the basal half.

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