Telamona pyramidata

Smiliine Treehopper

Telamona pyramidata, Treehopper




Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Smiliinae

Length: 8-9 mm mm


Telamona pyramidata is most common in the northeastern United States and in southern Canada. Its range within West Virginia is not known. (The photos here were taken in Upshur County.)

Look for adults of this species in the summer and fall. The reported food plants are various willow species.

The precise size and shape of the crest in this species is variable, but will be narrower and more pointed that in the close relative, Telamona monticola. That latter species feeds on oaks rather than willows.

Thanks to Dr. Andy Hamilton for identification of this and many other Auchenorrhyncha photos.

Telamona pyramidata, Treehopper face

Telamona pyramidata, Treehopper, dorsal image

Telamona pyramidata, face, lateral image

Above: Punctate surfaces are common in the genus Telamona.