Provancherana tripunctata

Three-Spotted Leafhopper

Provancherana tripunctata, Plesiommata tripunctata, Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Cicadellinae

Length: 4.7-5.3 mm


This distinctive species seems most abundant in West Virginia in September, but may be seen throughout the summer and early fall.

Many sources list this leafhopper as Plesiommata tripunctata; the replacement name Provancherana tripunctata was proposed because Plesiommata was already in use as a subgenus name elsewhere in the suborder Auchenorryncha.

Provancherana tripunctata, lateral photo




Provancherana tripunctata derives it species name from the two dark spots on the vertex and the one dark spot on its "nose."

The margins of the pronotum are brown and the pronotum also has two brown transverse bands. The forewings are also marked in brown.

Plesiommata tripunctata, Provancherana tripunctata


Right: Lateral view of Provancherana tripunctata. No other species looks quite like this one.

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