Prescottia lobata

Deltocephaline Leafhopper

Prescottia lobata, Leafhopper, dorsal photo

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Deltocephalinae

Length: 5.0-6.0 mm


In Prescottia lobata the pronotum and vertex are ivory to yellowish and marked with brown. There are several large, roundish white spots along the commissure. Note the thin, dark, zig-zagging line on the front of the vertex.

This species is found as far north as New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Minnesota. In West Virginia it seems to be near the southern edge of its range.

Prescottia lobata, Leafhopper, lateral view


Left: The appendix is dark in Prescottia lobata.

Commonly there is an orangey c-shaped or ring-shaped marking in the cell nearest the apex of the forewing. Occasionally the rear of the wings is so dark the orange mark isn't visible.
Prescottia lobata, Leafhopper face


There is no other species of Prescottia in eastern North America.

Insects of West Virginia