Coelidia olitoria

Coelidiine Leafhopper Nymphs

Coelidia olitoria nymphs

Coelidia olitoria nymph (larva), Immature LeafhopperThese may be the most-noticed immature leafhoppers in our region. They come in a variety of bright color forms, and are more robust than many other leafhopper nymphs. Coelidia olitoria nymphs sway back and forth, apparently when they perceive they are being watched, almost as if they were attempting to mesmerize would-be predators.



Coelidia olitoria, early nymph


Right: the "face" of an early instar Coelidia olitoria nymph. Note the beak tucked away between the two front legs.
Coelidia (Jikradia) olitorius nymph

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