Haplaxius pictifrons

Cixiid Planthopper

Haplaxius pictifrons, Planthopper in Family Cixiidae

Family: Cixiidae

Length: typically 4.8-5.1 mm


Haplaxius pictifrons is common in the summer months in West Virginia.

The wings are usually clear, with the veins sometimes darkened, and some dark coloration prominent toward the apex.

Some publications refer to this species as Myndus pictifrons.

Myndus pictifrons, Cixiid Planthopper face


Left: Two dark bands on the face give this species its scientific name. Certain related species have similar marks, however.

Myndus pictifrons, Cixiid Planthopper


Right: The shape of the head, and the stripes on the pronotum, are traits to look for in Haplaxius pictifrons.


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