Erythroneura sp.

Typhlocybine Leafhopper

Erythroneura sp., Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Typhlocybinae

Length: 2.8-3.2 mm


Identification of Erythroneura species does present its challenges. The hopper shown at right has markings similar to those of E. elegans, E. carinata, and E. integra, as well as those of the Three-Banded Leafhopper, E. tricincta.

Color and markings as identification tools are tricky in a number of ways. Markings have a tendency to change to a darker color, particularly just after the final molt to adult. Thus what is pale yellow today may be orange or red tomorrow, and what is red today may be brown tomorrow.

Also, with some 600+ species in Erythroneura and Eratoneura, there are numerous species that have similar markings. In a males, it often happens that only dissection will provide a reliable identification, and females in this group might not be identifiable at all.

Erythroneura sp., Leafhopper


Commenting on this genus, David A. Young (1952) commented, "It is of inconvenient size." Yet efforts to divide it into several new genera have been stymied by "a bewildering array of variations and intergrades." Summing up, Erythroneura is "a very large complex of closely related species."

Left: Another leafhopper with markings similar to those of a number of Erythroneura species.

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