Scolops sp.

Dictyopharine Planthopper

Scolops sp. image

Family: Dictyopharidae

Subfamily: Dictyopharinae

Length: typically 5-7 mm


The family Dictyopharinae is made up of about 600 species in 140 genera, with many species yet to be described.

As with many other members of the suborder Auchenorrhyncha, nymphs and adults of Dictyopharidae secrete wax that seems to offer protection from parasites and predators. Liang and Wilson (2002) note, however, that wax glands are typically lacking in adult female dictyopharids.

Planthopper in the genus Scolops with other hoppers


Osborn (1938) stated that Scolops sulcipes was the most common Scolops species found in Ohio.

In the photo at right, Campylenchia latipes hoppers are on the left side of the stem, and Scolops sp. on the right.

Note: This page is both the Scolops genus page, and the family page for Dictyopharidae.


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