Ceresa diceros

Two-Horned Planthopper

Ceresa diceros, Two-Horned Planthopper






Family: Membracidae

Subfamily: Smiliinae

Length: 9 mm
Ceresa diceros, Two-Horned Planthopper, face


On Ceresa diceros the pronotum is marked in dark brown and yellow, and is punctate and sparsely pubescent, with the hairs somewhat long. The wings are brownish and transparent. The head is broader than it is long, and features prominent eyes. The shining ocelli are closer to each other than they are to the eyes. The pronotal "horns" are as shown in the photo at right.

Kopp and Yonke (1973) list a number of host plants, including Black Locust, Bidens spp., Sycamore, various Oaks, Sweet Clover, Blackberry and Raspberry, American Elm, Butternut, various Nettles, Ragweeds, and Goldenrods, Bull Thistle, Dogbane, Hazelnut, Hemp, and Wild Grape.
Two-Horned Planthopper, Ceresa diceros lateral photo