Tipula trivittata

Tipulid Crane Fly

Tipula trivittata, subgenus Pterelachisus, family Tipulidae



Family: Tipulidae

Subfamily: Tipulinae

Subgenus: Pterelachisus

Length: typically 16-22 mm


Tipula trivittata is a large crane fly ranging from Newfoundland and Ontario south to Arkansas, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Adults are most commonly found on the wing in May and June.

Unlike most other Tipulids, Tipula trivittata has terrestrial larvae, most commonly found in rotting logs. These terrestrial larvae must endure much colder temperatures than aquatic larvae. Duman et al. (1985) reported on the chemistry that allows such freeze tolerance in this species.

The large size and the pattern of wing spots in Tipula trivittata is fairly distinctive. The specific epithet refers to three brownish stripes on the dorsum of the abdomen.

Mating pair, Tipula (Pterelachisus) trivittata


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