Tipula submaculata / Tipula mallochi

Tipulid Crane Fly

Tipula mallochi, Tipula submaculata, subgenus Lunatipula



Family: Tipulidae

Subfamily: Tipulinae

Subgenus: Lunatipula


Tipula mallochi and Tipula submaculata are difficult to differentiate without dissecting the male genitalia. In fact, it may be difficult to differentiate them even with the dissection. Females are even more difficult to identify.

One interesting trait common to both species and both sexes is ringed antennae. Each segment is dark basally and light-colored apically.

The range of Tipula submaculata extends from Wisconsin and Ontario to Nova Scotia, and south to Arkansas and South Carolina. The range of Tipula mallochi is similar, recorded from Missouri to Illinois and Maryland, south to Florida.


Tipula submaculata, Tipula mallochi, Crane Flies in subgenus Lunatipula


Left: Hanging from a leaf in the dark woods.

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