Tipula collaris

Tipulid Crane Fly

Tipula collaris, Crane Fly in family Tipulidae


Family: Tipulidae

Subfamily: Tipulinae

Subgenus: Nobilotipula

Length: typically 11-14 mm


Like Crane Flies in the genus Nephrotoma, this species is glossy yellow and dark brown.

Noted pioneer of Crane Fly taxonomy C. P. Alexander reported finding both larvae and pupae of this species developing under wet moss. Two more recent workers found larvae and pupae in a small but fast-moving woodland stream (Gelhaus, 1986).

Tipula collaris ranges from Michigan to Quebec south to Tennessee and South Carolina.


Tipula collaris, Tipulid Crane Flies image


Left: Tipula collaris ovipositing on the banks of the river below Seneca Rocks.

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