Tabanus cf. sulcifrons

Horse Fly

Tabanus cf. sulcifrons, Horse Fly

Family: Tabanidae

Subfamily: Tabaninae

Length: typically 18-21 mm


Drees, Butler, and Pechuman (1980) describes Tabanus sulcifrons as having "a noisy approach that tends to frighten animals, and when it bites, it takes much blood (0.34 cc) and leaves large punctures."

West Virginia county records for Tabanus sulcifrons are shown below, based primarily on Drees et al. (1980). Its larger range is described this way by Burger (1995): "Kansas to Ontario, New York, and Rhode Island, south to Texas and Florida."

Teskey (1969) found relatively few collection records of larvae and pupae of Tabanus sulcifrons, and stated that the immature forms may favor drier habitats than other Tabanids. One collector reported finding five larvae in Ontario, "from the wet grassy banks of a shallow drainage ditch that traversed a predominantly maple woodlot."

Tabanus cf sulcifrons head, Horse Fly

Tabanus sulcifrons range map, West Virginia

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