Tabanus cf. sackeni

Horse Fly

Tabanus sackeni on tree trunk

Family: Tabanidae

Subfamily: Tabaninae

Length: typically 13-14 mm



A Catalog of the Nearctic Diptera (Stone, 1965) gives the range of Tabanus sackeni as Kansas to New Hampshire, and south to Georgia.

This is one of the twenty-four fly species and one fly genus named for Karl Robert Osten-Sacken listed in the 1965 manual. Sacken was a Civil War era Russian diplomat in New York, and an avid student of insects, particularly of Crane Flies and Horse Flies. Osten-Sacken was the author of the Tabanid genera Atylotus and Diachlorus, as well as numerous Horse Fly and Deer Fly species.

Tabanus sackeni head, dorsal view of horse fly

Tabanus sackeni head, artwork

Above: frontal view of the head of Tabanus sackeni, artwork based on a holotype specimen

Tabanus sackeni range map, West Virginia

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