Tabanus lineola

Horse Fly

Tabanus lineola, pale eyes

Family: Tabanidae

Subfamily: Tabaninae

Length: typically 11-16 mm


This species can be quite numerous at times in West Virginia, most commonly encountered in June and July, with an occasional individual still active in the first half of August (Drees et al., 1980).

The range of Tabanus lineola is "Ontario to Maine, south to Texas and Florida" (Burger, 1995). West Virginia county records are shown below.

Tabanus lineola head

In this species the number of larval instars varies from eight to ten; the number is higher for females than it is for males.

Teskey (1969) stated that the most common larval collection sites were pond margins overhung by dense forest canopies, also wooded swamps. He also reported occasional collections in alder swamps and sphagnum bogs.


Right: The mostly white eyes on this individual male are not typical of the species.

Tabanus lineola range map, West Virginia

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