Spilomyia fusca

Flower Fly / Hover Fly

Spilomyia fusca, wasp-mimic Syrphid Fly


Family: Syrphidae

Subfamily: Eristalinae

Length: typically 16-19 mm


Spilomyia fusca is a mimic of the Bald-faced Hornet.

Waldbauer and Ghent (1984) report that Spilomyia fusca in their Michigan study site was found most commonly visiting Parsnip (Pastinaca satvia), Goldenrod (Solidago spp.), and Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana). While presumably the flies fed on both pollen and nectar on these plants, Waldbauer and Ghent found that Spilomyia fusca in their study area does not mate on or near its food plants.

Thompson (1996) stated that the key characteristic of Spilomyia fusca adults is that the "2nd abdominal tergum [is] entirely black." He adds that the species is found "rarely with apicolateral margin narrowly yellow, but never continuous."

Thompson reported the range of Spilomyia fusca as taking in Minnesota to Nova Scotia, and as far south as Georgia.

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