Rhagio hirtus

Snipe Fly

Rhagio hirtus, Snipe Fly

Family: Rhagionidae

Subfamily: Rhagioninae

Length: 7-10 mm


Some authorities treat Chrysopilus hirtus as a valid species, while others consider it to be a junior synonym of Chrysopilus vertebratus. To add to the confusion, variant Latin species names have also been used: C. hirta and C. vertebrata.

Leonard (1930) did not list Chrysopilus hirtus as a species, but as a variety of C. vertebratus. He described the hirtus variety as having black bands on the abdomen of the male rather than black spots, and having longer and paler hairs on the abdomen. Females of both varieties had banded rather than spotted abdomens.


Rhagio hirtus lateral view, snipe fly

The range map below is based on Leonard (1930) and his list of records for Rhagio vertebratus, including variety hirtus.

Rhagio vertebratus range map

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