Poecilolycia sp.

Lauxaniid Fly

Poecilolycia sp., fly in the family Lauxaniidae

Family: Lauxaniidae

Length: 2.5-3.5 mm


The genus name Lyciella was created in 1948 to replace the name Lycia, which was in use in Lepidoptera taxonomy—and the Lepidopteran name was older and so had priority. Shewell in 1986 erected a new genus, Poecilolycia, with some eleven species widespread in North America that had formerly been in Lyciella. This left only two species in the genus Lyciella, both of them restricted to the Pacific coast states.

Among the traits of flies in Poecilolycia: Unmarked wings, abdomen with brown markings, "sometimes also with small spots at bases of setae and hairs." The scutum has four dark stripes. The frons and thorax are "usually partly grey or bluish-grey" (Shewell, 1986).

Also, the head is roughly 2.3 times broader than it is long, while the eye is about one-fourth higher than it is long.

In this genus the egg incubation period is 3-23 days, while larval development takes 10-44 days. Members of the genus probably overwinter as a pupa. Larvae develop in rotting leaves, especially Maple leaves (Shewell, 1986).

Lateral view, Poecilolycia sp.

Poecilolycia sp., family Lauxaniidae, dorsal view

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