Pedicia auripennis

Limoniid Crane Fly

Pedicia auripennis, Crane Fly, Limoniidae/Pediciidae


Family: Limoniidae

Subfamily: Pediciinae

Length: typically 15-20 mm


Eastern North America is home to five species in the genus Pedicia.

Petersen (2006) notes, "Though there is little known about the life history and biology of this genus, adults are generally thought to be nonfeeding or nectarivorous and short lived, with the majority of life spent in the immature larval stage."

Larvae in the genus Pedicia are found in the moss that grows alongside seeps, springs, and streams. They are predators of other tiny invertebrates living in such environments. The adult shown here was perched on the underside of a mossy rock that formed an overhang in a cool seep in Upshur County.

Pedicia auripennis, head, Crane Fly, family Pediciidae

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