Minettia lupulina

Lauxaniid Fly

Minettia lupulina, Lauxaniidae

Family: Lauxaniidae

Length: 6.0 mm, front of eyes to rear of wings


This species is widespread in Europe. In the Nearctic, look for it from Alaska and "Canada at treeline" (Stone, 1965), south to Arizona and North Carolina.

Adults are usually found perched on the leaves of shrubs.

The specific epithet of this species, "lupulina," seems to refer to hops vines, but the reason for the name is not clear.

Miller (1976) gives the length of the ridged egg as about 0.75 mm, while the length of the third instar larva is 3-6 mm. The pupa measures 3-4 mm and is a glossy reddish color. Larvae mine in dead leaves.

Minettia lupulina, Lauxaniidae, dorsal view

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