Juriniopsis adusta

Tachinid Fly

Juriniopsis adusta, bristly Tachinid Fly, Tachinidae

Family: Tachinidae

Subfamily: Tachininae

Length: typically 7-8 mm


Sabrosky (1969) lists the characteristics of the genus Juriniopsis, and they include bare eyes, a lack of ocellar bristles, and palpi that are elongate "and somewhat spatulate."

D.M. Wood, writing the Tachinid manual in McAlpine (1987), described some key characteristics of the genus: "Abdominal tergites 3 and 4 without median discal bristles; tergite 3 with 3 to 5 pairs of short stout median marginal bristles; the longest of these no more than twice as long as the shortest."

Juriniopsis adusta, Tachinid Fly head


Juriniopsis adusta has been reported as a parasite of two moth species, one a Tiger Moth (Hypercompe deflorata), the other a skipper (Epargyreus clarus).

The map below shows the states reporting Juriniopsis adusta. The species has also been reported from Mexico and Central America, but not from Canada.


Juriniopsis adusta range map

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