Homoneura incerta

Lauxaniid Fly

Homoneura incerta, Lauxaniid Fly

Family: Lauxaniidae

Length: 4.0 mm to rear of abdomen; 5.0 to rear of wings



The range of Homoneura incerta runs from Manitoba to New Hampshire, south to Oklahoma and through north Georgia. The species is on the wing from mid-summer through early autumn.

There are 47 other Nearctic species in the genus Homoneura. This species is the most common in the genus.

Miller (1977) examined museum specimens of these species collected in West Virginia:

Larvae of Homoneura incerta have been found in Ohio feeding on leaf litter of Red and Sugar Maples and Sassafras. The pupal period occupies ten days.

Homoneura incerta, Lauxaniidae

Insects of West Virginia