Epiphragma fasciapenne

Banded-wing Crane Fly

Epiphragma fasciapennis, Crane Fly in family Limoniidae



Family: Limoniidae

Subfamily: Limnophilinae

Subgenus: Epiphragma

Length: 9-12 mm


Species in the genus Epiphragma are found mostly in the Neotropics and the Orient. Two species are found in eastern north America, and both make their appearance in West Virginia. The other is Epiphragma solatrix.

The range of E. fasciapenne includes Alberta to Newfoundland, and south to Louisiana and Florida. Look for the species on the wing in May and June.

Dr. Chen Young of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History states that larvae of E. fasciapenne are typically found in rotting wood, and that adults are found perched two feet or less above the forest floor. He adds that males may form "small dancing swarms at dusk in shaded places."

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