Cylindromyia sp.

Tachinid Fly

Cylindromyia sp., Tachinid Fly dorsal view

Family: Tachinidae

Subfamily: Phasiinae

Length: typically 10.5 to 11.5 mm


One key characteristic of flies in the genus Cylindromyia is the lack of palpi. Another important trait is that the legs are dark (not yellowish at the base as in a related genus).

Various species in the genus Cylindromyia are parasitic on Stink Bugs, Luna Moths, Owlet Moths, and Short-horned Grasshoppers. In the case of moths it is the larval or pupal stage that is parasitized, while in the case of True Bugs the adults are parasitized. For the grasshoppers, the life stage of the host is not specified in the published records (Arnaud, 1978).

Cylindromyia sp., Tachinid Fly, lateral view

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