Chrysops moechus

Deer Fly

Chrysops moechus, dorsal view, Deer Flies



Family: Tabanidae

Subfamily: Chrysopinae


In West Virginia, this fly is active from late May to mid-August.

Drees, Butler, and Pechumen (1980) note that this species is commonly found "near streams with overhanging vegetation."

Burger (1995) gave the range of this species as "North Dakota to Quebec, south to Louisiana and Florida." West Virginia county records are indicated on the map below. The fly pictured at left made its home at Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area in Barbour County.

Burger and co-authors (1981) stated that the habitats that best support various Chrysops species are "permanent ponds with exposed loamy soils just above the waterline." Much less supportive were rock-bottomed streams.

Teskey (1969) reported on the collecting of two larvae of Chrysops moechus, one in a silty stream bottom under two inches of water, and the other at a stream edge with considerable leaf litter for cover.

Chrysops moechus range map, West Virginia

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