Cheilosia pallipes

Flower Fly / Hover Fly

Cheilosia pallipes, Syrphid Fly


Family: Syrphidae

Subfamily: Eristalinae


Staahls et al. (2004) say of the genus Cheilosia that it "is one of the most diverse and species-rich genera of the family Syrphidae, comprising about 450 species, 300 from the Palaearctic region, more than 80 from the Nearctic region, about 50 species from the Oriental region, and a couple of species that extend into the northern Neotropics."

Larvae within the genus, according to Staahls and co-authors, "are saprophagous, phytophagous, fungivorous, or are sap-feeders on coniferous trees."


Insects of West Virginia