Libellula incesta

Slaty Skimmer

Libellula incesta, Slaty Skimmer

Family: Libellulidae

Length: typically 48-52 mm


Slaty Skimmer is quickly recognized by its large size, entirely deep blue thorax and abdomen, and its clear wings with black stigmas. The eyes are very dark. The tips of the wings have a very small dark area.

The aggressive males are highly territorial and may be seen flying circles around each other.

Slaty Skimmers are primarily creatures of lakes and ponds, though they sometimes may be found beside slow-moving streams.

Libellula incesta, Slaty Skimmer, lateral view


While Slaty Skimmers are not listed among the S5 (most common) species in West Virginia, they are in the next most common group, S4. Most records are from eastern West Virginia.


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