Enallagma traviatum

Slender Bluet

Enallagma traviatum, Slender Bluet mating pair


Family: Coenagrionidae

Length: 29-32 mm


Slender Bluets, as the common name implies, are blue damselflies with thin abdomens. The eyespots in both sexes are large, with a thin blue line between them. The black shoulder stripes are thin in both sexes.

On the males, abdominal segments 8 and 9 are blue. Segment 10 is black and its terminal appendages are longer than in similar species.

On females, segments 8-10 are blue, while on top of segment 8 is a black bar or T-shaped mark.

Favored habitats are large ponds and lakes, particularly those with the forest edge close by.

As of 2007, in West Virginia the counties reporting this species include Braxton, Gilmer, Hancock, Lewis, Monroe, Ohio, Pocahontas, Raleigh, Summers, Taylor, Tucker, and Webster. The ones pictured on this page were photographed in Pendleton and Upshur Counties.

Enallagma traviatum mating pair, Slender Bluets
On both males and females, some of the key characteristics are large eyespots, and narrow black shoulder stripes. 

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