Insects of West Virginia, Order Odonata



I want to thank first the generous members of the Yahoo group "Southeast Odes," who have helped me with many identifications, often with elaborate discussions of how various species can be differentiated. Among those who have helped me via this group are Giff Beaton, Sharon Brown, Steve Collins, Glen Corbiere, Greg Dodge, Randy Emmitt, Chris Hill, Nick Donnelly, T. Donnelly, Ed Lam, Bill Mauffray, Alex Netherton, Dennis Paulson, Garrie Rouse, and June Tveekrem.

In developing the species pages I have relied on a great many scholarly articles old and new, and these are listed in the Works Consulted page for Odonata.

Above all, I want to thank my many friends and colleagues at the website, who help with identifications, engage in stimulating conversation about insects, and provide much mutual support. Please see the overall acknowledgments page for the Insects of West Virginia website.

Stephen Cresswell