Xylobiops basilare

Red-shouldered Bostrichid

Xylobiops basilare, Red-shouldered Bostrichid Borer

Family: Bostrichidae

Subfamily: Bostrichinae

Length: 4-7 mm


Xylobiops basilare has a large black pronotum that is everywhere rounded. The elytra are striate, punctate, and are yellowish on the basal third. The antennae and tarsi are reddish-brown.

This species bores in twigs and branches of hardwoods, especially Persimmon, Grape, and various Hickory species. Adults construct tunnels where the eggs are laid, and the larvae create more tunnels, paralleling the grain of the wood.

Winter is spent in the tunnels, either in the larval, pupal, or adult stage.

Insects of West Virginia