Typocerus velutinus

Banded Longhorn



Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Lepturinae

Length: 8-16 mm



The elytra of Typocerus velutinus are reddish brown; the yellow markings are somewhat variable but generally there are four transverse bands that do not meet along the suture. Both the pronotum and the elytra have a dense golden pubescence. On the pronotum, look for a strong band of pubescence along the base, and another along the apex.

The antennae are black and the legs tan to reddish brown.

Larvae feed on hickory, oak, and other hardwoods.

Adults may be found from May to September on flowers, or at lights. Typocerus velutinus is one of West Virginia’s more common Longhorned Beetles.

Banded Longhorn image, Typocerus velutinus


Right: Note the band of golden pubescence along the base of the pronotum, and another at its apex.




Typocerus velutinus range map

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