Throscid Beetle

Family Throscidae, Throscid Beetle photo



Family: Throscidae

Subfamily: Throscinae

Length: 1.5-5.0 mm


Throscid beetles are small, with the giants of the family barely measuring 5 mm in length and most species considerably smaller. The pronotum is shaped somewhat like a trapezoid, and has small flanges pointing toward the rear (similar to flanges on Click Beetles). They are able to right themselves in the same manner used by Click Beetles.

Little is known about the life history of beetles in the family Throscidae. Adults are found at lights, on flowers, in stored grains, and in rotting wood. Larvae have an affinity for tiny fungi, and are typically found near tree stumps.

Beetle in family Throscidae

Only three genera live in North America and one of those lives only in western states and provinces. The two genera that may be encountered in West Virginia are Aulonothroscus and Trixagus.

In the late nineteenth century there was considerable confusion in the Throscid taxonomy because often males and females of the same species were mistakenly described as different species. In this family males and females typically differ in the size of the eyes, the overall body length, and the shape of the antennae.

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