Strangalia luteicornis

Longhorned Beetle

Strangalia luteicornis photo, Long-horned Beetle

Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Lepturinae

Length: 9-15 mm


In Strangalia luteicornis the antennae and legs are pale, except for black tips of hind femora. There are two black stripes on the pronotum, while the elytra have four transverse black lines.

Adults may be found throughout the late Spring and Summer. They are found on flowers, and can be attracted by UV lights, or by a bait of fermenting molasses.

Larvae feed in various hardwoods.


Mating Strangalia luteicornis photo, Long-horned Beetles




A pair of Strangalia luteicornis, preliminary to mating, in a wild rose.

Left: The male and female are physically joined here as the male is fertilizing the eggs.

Strangalia luteicornis range map

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