Silvanus bidentatus

Two-toothed Grain Beetle

Silvanus bidentatus, Silvanid Flat Bark Beetle

Family: Silvanidae

Subfamily: Silvaninae

Length: 2.7-3.3 mm


In Silvanus bidentatus the pronotum is twice as long as it is wide. At each of the front two corners of the pronotum is a spine, giving the species its name bidentatus. The antennae are capitate. The elytra are punctate, with the rows of punctures set very close together.

Another member of this genus present in West Virginia is Silvanus planatus.

Most members of the Silvanid Flat Bark Beetle family are fungivorous, while some others are believed to be predacious. Silvanus bidentatus, is noted as a pest in stored grains.

Silvanus bidentatus range map

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