Acylomus sp.

Shining Flower Beetle

Acylomus sp., Shining Flower Beetles

Family: Phalacridae

Subfamily: Phalacrinae

Length: 1.5-2.0 mm


Members of the family Phalacridae are very glossy beetles; viewed from above, they present a continuous outline, either oval or nearly round.

Some Shining Flower Beetles are pollen-feeders, while others feed on fungi. Some are considered pests because they are associated with ergot, smuts, and molds.

Members of the genus Acylomus are tiny beetles with large eyes; the pronotum is much wider than long. The length of the scutellum is about the same as its width.

Note: This page is both the Acylomus sp. page, and the family page for Phalacridae.

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