Orthosoma brunneum

Brown Prionid

Orthosoma brunneum, Brown Prionid





Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Prioninae

Length: 23-48 mm




Orthosoma brunneum is most often noticed when it blunders into the human world, attracted to houses by electric lights.

This species has been reported to breed in railroad ties and utility poles. In more natural settings, Orthosoma brunneum breeds in decaying trees and logs; as White (1983) notes, the larvae "make extensive excavations that are tightly packed with coarse frass."

Orthosoma brunneum (brunneus) Brown Prionid


Left: head and pronotum of Orthosoma brunneum. As with many other members of the family Cerambycidae, the eyes are notched at the base of the antennae.

In this species, each lateral margin of the pronotum has three teeth.





Orthosoma brunneum range map

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