Onthophagus hecate

Dung Beetle

Onthophagus hecate, Dung Beetle photo

Family: Scarabaeidae

Subfamily: Scarabaeinae

Length: 5-9 mm


Onthophagus hecate has its elytra and pronotum pocked with large punctures and covered with pubescence too. Major males have a prominent horn projecting from the pronotum. The beetle pictured here is a minor male.

The species is commonly seen at lights. It also has a preference for ferment and decay, and may be found in dung, rotting fruit, aging fungi, and carrion. It is reasonably common in West Virginia and in fact is found in most states and a number of provinces.

Onthophagus hecate, Dung Beetle

Right: Onthophagus hecate has a huge, rounded pronotum with pronounced punctation and pubescence. The pubescence is present on the elytra as well.