Ontholestes cingulatus

Gold and Brown Rove Beetle

Gold and Brown Rove Beetle photo, Ontholestes cingulatus

Family: Staphylinidae

Subfamily: Staphylininae

Length: 13-20 mm


This is one of the largest and most noticeable Rove Beetles. Among its features are the gold belt (often not seen when the beetle is viewed from above) and the recessed purple spots.

Feeding grounds include fungi, dung, and carrion.

Researchers report that this species thrives in the laboratory on a diet of termite workers, and on House Fly larvae and pupae.


Ontholestes cingulatus image from West Virginia


Right: lateral view of Ontholestes cingulatus, showing the distinctive yellow "girdle" between the second and third pairs of legs. This feature has led to another common name for this species, Girdled Rove Beetle.

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